Saturday, September 1, 2007

بلادنا حلوة

Yesterday I decided to start a fitness schedule without changing my dietary habits so I started running along the beach for 2 to 3 hrs daily. This is not the story. The real story about the post that I realize the beauty of my country. Kuwait city was a quite dreamy place when there is nobody around you
Yes no body.
Etha mo m9dg e5th ur car and go to the beach around 2 -3 AM and live the beauty of a quite city
Sometimes you discover a new thing in old daily items which will change your view or at least give you the excitement of discovering new things .like for example . one day when I was on my way to work I realized that there is trees on the sidewalk . then I realized that you can discover a lot about a well known items ,places and much important

Today I learned imp lesson that
مرات تدور عن شي بكل ما اوتيت من قوة واخيرا تلقاه عند عينك وانت ماكنت شايفه

note: all rights reseved to the owner of this picture not me

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