Saturday, June 14, 2008

home sweet home

finaly the 5th year is over and there is only one year btw me and my MD title . still i'm counting the days till august (my birthday and my rotation in kuwait )
on behave of all the bayomi citizen i salute mr bayomi the first and long live the Bayomi
(great job doctor in the MFDS and good luck with the board )
ماكو حظ خوش لعب وخوش اقوال بس ماكو حظ
هارك لك ياالازرق ونبارك حق اخوانا بالامارات
fair game
الى بوشهيب

Be great in act, as you have been in thought

big B :)


my niece keeps asking me to play the twinkle song and the barney songs every time i open my laptop and one time i found the twinkle song BUT is was different more oriental with accent

to jodi :)


EXzombie said...

welcome to Safat

EXzombie said...

انزين دام خلصت الامتحانات انت الحين بالكويت و لا للحين عندنا.....؟!؟

اذا بالكويت لا تنسى تحضر اجتماع المدونون السادس و الاربعين يوم الاربعا القادم في سيكوند كب المقابل للبورصة، من الساعة 5 العصر

فرصة تشرفنا بحضورك، و نتعرف عليك

q8philic said...

الحين انا بالكويت
وعلى الاجتماع ان شاء الله حاضر واتشرف بمعرفتكم

Phantom said...

kash7'a,u have one step toward being a Dr.

o 97 hardluck> btw i know NOTHING about the game, i just know that we won :D

ذات عقل خشبيّ said...

ee walla 9aaaaj home sweet home

alf el7amdella 3al esalama ....

have all the fun ...

& abt the college .. ma bga shay kellaha 1 year just 1 year oo u'll b free :P

" hopefully " tkoon free :P

yalla mwafiigeen enshallah ... XD

q8philic said...

ذات عقل خشبي
long time no see

i thought u quit blogging. its nice to see ur comment again.
and about being free after this year . i don't think finishing medical school (in sha'a allah) will make me or any other medical student free . it's just a phase w algadm a36'm :)

ذات عقل خشبيّ said...

looool 7adda a3'9aam

but at least new world ....

ya3nii u'll have ur own work o ur own responsibilities ....

any ways : just wanna say good luck oo shid 7ailek bro. ;)