Tuesday, October 16, 2007

anybody can cook

actually this title is came from ratatouille the movie . i was thinking about my new passion ((film making )) . i suddenly realized that i have the willing to be short film maker simply because my passion of good movies . it's just amazing how the director create a world of feelings shots , faces and sounds . i knew that my passion of movies are beyond the story its about lights , music and again faces. back to ratatouille . if the rat can cook so am sure that i can make short film :)


Q80-Chill Girl said...


i agreeeeeee

annnnnd the odd thing is i just saw ur post & yesterday i tried this dvd777.net site that delivered to me ratatouille along with other movies, it is a very cute success for disney!

as for film making, i am sure you can, start with silent no actors type of movies where things, sounds, colors make sense ,, sometimes they do more than people ;p

q8philic said...

hiii q80 chill girl
it is nice to see ur cheering posts in this new blog
thank u for this post and i'll start my movie making as soon as my exsams finish
hope u injoy with the dvds