Monday, October 8, 2007

good bad day

finally .... online in 3rd world country


yesterday i discovered that the sun rise at darkest hour of the day

40s women with tragic history 14 years of infertility came to the hospital to do laproscopy as an investigation to find the cause . 5 mins before my arrival to the Pt's room taking history and preparing my case for the morning rounds .the pt had million dollar news ((u r pregnant )) . when i entered the room the sadness sphere vanish i i sow the sun rising . it was marvelous

god help her in this pregnancy and give her good child .


in lectures they told as that doctors words is a weapon with 2 edges esp when u brake bad news .i didn't take this words seriously until today .

after the morning round i went to the outpatient hall to read about the afternoon seminar it was not like other days . alot of policemen, security, surgeons ,doctors, med students, yellow tape , crime seen and dead body . yes it was a suicide 19yr old boy with leukemia throw himself from the 10th floor landed in the glass garden at the entry of outpatient hall .

suddenly i realise that my words could be fetal so i will keep my mouth shut .


Q80-Chill Girl said...

you grew up

words are fatal, we should be careful with them.

q8philic said...

as all of us
BUT on the bright side i am still younger :) (( i mean mentally ))
and i promise to watch my mouth

ذات عقل خشبيّ said...

oooh being Doctors !

it's much bigger than wht we just think abt ...

hope god will help u & all of us

2 deserve being there ..

this is life , we see 2 learn ..

we live 2 to b tought !

wish u luck & success bro. :]