Monday, March 3, 2008

study break

chillout break (( u need one while studying neuro!))

great tunes
The Cinematic Orchestra


ذات عقل خشبيّ said...

& those who r studina anatomy , wht should they do ?

yenta7roon ? :P

walla ya5oy shaklii 9iij ba9adiig

elnekta elli tgol 9aliib el-6b

ya yt5arag mo 9a7ii wella dammah 5afiif :P

if it's true ,, wht would u like to be ? :P

good luck ... study well but don't lose urs ;)

q8philic said...

ذات عقل خشبي
anatomy is one of the finest subjects in medicine my advice : have fun while u can

and about the juke
a little of both :D
"Truly great madness cannot be achieved without significant intelligence."

Phantom said...

i liked the second one .. > one of my relaxation collection ..

good luck

q8philic said...

u r welcome
nice link :)