Friday, February 29, 2008

Greeeeeeeeeeeeen blood

Patient shocks surgeons with green blood

Surgeons operating on a 42-year-old Canadian man got a shock when they discovered dark-green blood coursing through his arteries, like Star Trek's Mr Spock.

Stunned, the medical team immediately sent his blood for analysis. The test revealed the blood discolouration was caused by sulfhaemoglobinaemia, which occurs when a sulphur atom gets incorporated into the oxygen-carrying haemoglobin protein in blood.

Doctors suspected that the patient's migraine medication caused the condition. "It is possible that our patient’s arguably excessive intake of sumatriptan, which contains a sulfonamide group, caused his sulfhaemoglobinaemia," they say.

Gradual recovery

"The patient recovered uneventfully, and stopped taking sumatriptan after discharge. When seen five weeks after his last dose, he was found to have no sulfhaemoglobin in his blood," they added.

The Canadian doctors explain that sulfhaemoglobinaemia usually goes away as red blood cells regenerate. In very extreme cases a transfusion might be necessary, they say.

Mr Spock's green Vulcan blood was supposed to have been caused by copper replacing the iron in haemoglobin.

FROM new scientist journal




Phantom said...

Wow greeen 3aad !

poor him wallah..

i think i will freak out if i saw a green blood?! >_<
i hope to find a purple one too in future lol > just kidin >_<

q8philic said...

i can't even imagine how would my reaction will be

purple blood !!!
soo feminine
if i have the ability to choose my blood's color i will choose blue for sure although i have no problem with my red blood

thanx for ur comment

ذات عقل خشبيّ said...

green 3ad !

aweliiiii !

5o fahamna 3ial efloos damhum azrag !

mo biidhum enwaldaw 3ial 3iiz :P

bs hal-magrood shfiih 3ad !

so poor guy ,,

i can't even emagine my self in such situation ...!

bs walla ma7ad maskiin ella those doctors , i think they were really shocked !

allah y3een bs :P

thx bro. for sharing those strange info. :P

q8philic said...

ذات عقل خشبيّ
n3eesh w nshoof sh'3lat 3geba
bs shkl el pt 3rbawi!!!