Sunday, April 20, 2008

bye bye forensics hello radio!

last Thursday i had the forensic exam and it was somehow good (( in the average )) after that i had a relatively good weekend and today it was along day in the radiology department where i will spend 2 weeks mastering (طل!) medical imaging .
since i started my medicals training i was interesting in medical imaging (( bringing anatomy to life ,searching of the abnormality and real time body physiology )) and as some medical students a was captivated by the beauty of the black and white films (( CT , MRI , AXR , CXR KUB , IVF ,BONE SCAN , MRA , IVU ANS U/S)) because of the story behind the picture .
dealing with people suffering makes medical student realize that there is a wide spectrum btw black and white not just in imaging but also people , treatments and outcomes .But to be save there are guidelines and protocols to follow not to treat only but to be on the safe side (( it's for ur own benefit as medz )) .why i mentioned this .
because i saw what happened in kuwait the last weeks and i realized that no one followed the (( the logic guidelines )) (( and i mean all kuwaities )) and no one want to solve the problem on the other hand everybody tries to find any tiny mistake doe by his/her enemy . unfortunately , we saw a huge wave of madness striking our society and all we did is blaming each other and no one ever tried to find the answers .

start with ur self then criticize others (( new lesson from forensics )) how said that u can not learn from dead people.

note : red tagged words doesn't reflect my own true opinion :)

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