Sunday, April 27, 2008


That home

Where the doves are moaning all day long
Where the stairs are leading dusk 'till dawn
Where the windows are breathing in the light
Where the rooms are a collection of our lives

This is a place where I don’t feel alone
This is a place that I call my home



Phantom said...

nice song ,, especially at the start...n well-written lyrics..

allah ye3ink bro..
cheer up , summer is coming soon..

q8philic said...

long time no see
im sorry about this late post but as you know ((it's final exams' season))
actually i just had my radio end rotation exam and it was a little bit hard
about the summer i have already jammed schedule (( only 2wks)) and a lot of working
thanx again for ur cheerful posts

goodluck with ur exams
salam :)

Phantom said...

ana i was busy mn el7'aaa6ir w

yeah FINALLY this year is coming to the end,3 more exams o allah yesahil
.. bs the problem is that i still have a summer course o saddly it has nothing to do with medicine at ALL.. > hate uni requirments =(

yallah allah ye3inik bro..
>>> a Q 3la el6ayer .. did u have USMLE exam ?

q8philic said...

i know how it you fell went you have university requirements that have nothing to do with medicine
and about the USMLE unfortionatly i should have my internship in Kuwait so im trying now to do the CS first then part one during my internship insha'allah :)
if u need any help with USMLE don't hesitate and ask :)
and hint about the USMLE : wait for the clinical years because the majority of the Qs (even in part one) are clinically oriented
good luck :)