Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I'm sick

22yr's old male presenting with dry cough , runny nose , sore throat and loss of voice 3days prior writing this post now he is on advil , cough syrup and hot tea
no improvement
oh and I'm starting to develop harsh breathing
its cold outside and i am sick
common cold sucks


Phantom said...

same here bro..but without the "loss of voice " >> u know.. if i got this too, it would be perfect, at least i have a good excuse for not participating tomorrow lol > i have alot alot of subjects to study & this "common cold " is refusing to go awayyy..making me more laisy and sleepy..

salamat bro & good luck..
nice blog too

q8philic said...

same all same :) it's seems that all the medical students share the same problems. alot of subject to study about and dam common cold
thanx for ur comment

ذات عقل خشبيّ said...


ليش كل تحلطم طلبة الطب يشبه بعض ؟

يمكن لان النشلة تييب المرض

والدراسة وايد وايد وايد أوفــر ؟

عقب اسبوعين عندي امتحان

وصارلي اسبوعين ما ادري شالسالفة لأن عندنا مؤتمر !

واليوم خلّص وبدت النشلة !

أعتقد إنها من أعراض ما قبل الامتحان ؟

أكرهها وأكره الهبوط ألف مرة

شعــــور مرعب مرعب مرعب الهبوط !