Sunday, February 10, 2008

new rotation

starting form today i will be work in the dermatology department for 2weeks
only 2 weeks to digest as information as possible
so i will be offline for awhile
note: after derma i will have neuro so its busy month
and below u will find some infos about actinic keratosis to spice up this post

Actinic Keratosis - A premalignant neoplasm of the epidermis caused by excessive exposure to sunlight and manifesting as an ill-marginated, erythematous, scaling, rough papule or patch.

Actinic Keratoses (AK) are located on sun-exposed areas, including the face, neck, dorsal hands and forearms, upper back and chest. AK is synonymous with solar keratosis. Occasionally, AK are more easily felt than seen, as their overlying scale is thick and firmly adherent. Lesions are occasionally tender to palpation. Fair-skinned persons, who burn easily and tan poorly, are most commonly affected. A small percentage of AK on non-mucosal skin can progress to squamous cell carcinoma . Ultraviolet light exposure induces formation of the lesions.

Microscopic examination shows a non-invasive proliferation of atypical, often crowded keratinocytes (i.e. atypical keratinocytes are confined in the epidermis and have not invaded the dermis). The atypical keratinocytes usually occupy the lower aspects of the epidermis and are confined between adnexal structures (i.e. the atypical cells often spare the epithelium of hair follicles and gland ducts). There is parakeratosis (nucleated keratin layer) overlying the atypical keratinocytes, which characteristically alternates with orthokeratosis (non-nucleated keratin layer) above the spared hair follicles. One clue to severe solar damage is elastosis in the dermis.



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Phantom said...

nice walla.. i liked the histology slide ( i always find them as peace of art with nice colors lol) but never heard of this pre-malignant neoplasm "actinic keratosis"
so new info 4 me..
good luck in derma and neuro bro