Sunday, May 25, 2008


this is the longest exam season ever i have . 11 exams with huge material , disturbed sleep ,bad mood and broken coffee maker (wen7dena 3la 3 in 1)....
till now i had 3 exams only the family medicine ,neuro and opthalmo
and my next exam will be in psychiatry (some how i feel good about it ).
so as seen,, I'm in a bad mood and shape (final sickness...) and one of the most enjoyable things that u can do while studying is listening to good music such as ..

and ..

one of my friends put a nice personal msg in msn messenger
"Criteria "A" to be a good psychiatrist is being psychotic..."

good one bro :)
oh i forget " Brain: an apparatus with which we think we think"
salam ..

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