Wednesday, May 14, 2008

finals attack!!!!

Yes. my final exams will start next sunday as shown below

so as all do meds know ...
coffee 500 ml PO Q 4hrs

and after such finals i will have some of these episodes (as side effect )
it's just medicine


Phantom said...

OMG.. the sche is scaary> reminded me of high school's exams ..

yalla atleast u have finals with one exam for each unit.., n7n one exam for three units or sometimes two units o ya t9eeb ya t7'eeb.. o mafee finals AT ALL
.. o i have an exit exam( just one written exam n clinical skills) next year which summs up all the last 3 yrs<>>> sooo i wonder how will i survive this exam lol >>
Fasheet 7'l8e lol

mwafg 7'ayo ..allah ysahil 3alikom

q8philic said...

with a lot of coffee (or tea)+water and good sleep u will pass the exit exam in sha'a allah
and about my exam schedule .yes it's big but i'm worried about ob/gyn , ortho , neuro and derma (huge huge material)
thanx again and good luck
now i should go offline to read some good medicine

Obulwaleed said...

أعانك الله بوناصر

أدري الضغط النفسي كبير بس انت قدها

ووفقكم الله

q8philic said...

بو الوليد
اجمعين ان شاء الله
وعسا الله يوفقك بامتحاناتك
شاكر مرورك
اخوك البيومي q8philic