Monday, May 26, 2008

i think !!

after the catastrophic exam today (psych) i think I'm allowed to ask one tiny question
am I a 5th year med or a 4th year psych resident ????
after such exam i cannot differentiate btw medical student and resident (we have the same exams )
اللهم لا اعتراض


jokes about psych )

How many psychologists does it take to change a light bulb?
None. The light bulb will change itself when it's ready.

Just one, but the light bulb really has to want to change.

Just one, but it takes nine visits.

How many psychiatrists does it take to change a light bulb?
"How long have you been having this phantasy?"

"Why does the light bulb necessarily have to change?"

One, but he must consult the DSM-IV.

How many psychoanalysts does it take to change a light bulb?
"How many do you think it takes?"


Welcome to the Psychiatric Hotline.
If you are obsessive-compulsive, please press 1 repeatedly.
If you are co-dependent, please ask someone to press 2.
If you have multiple personalities, please press 3, 4, 5, and 6.
If you are paranoid-delusional, we know who you are and what you want. Just stay on the line so we can trace the call.
If you are schizophrenic, listen carefully and a little voice will tell you which number to press.
If you are depressed, it doesn't matter which number you press. No one will answer.
If you are delusional and occasionally hallucinate, please be aware that the thing you are holding on the side of your head is alive and about to bite off your ear.



Phantom said...

wow u realy looked pissed off from this exam..

but there is always a room for t2leef in psychology lol > don't know about psychiatry cause i didn't take it yet..

i don't know about u but i find psych interesting> i know, u will kill me for saying this lol

>> loved the jokes part

yallah beltwfeeg in ur next exams..

Obulwaleed said...

الله يعينك يالبيومي

الظاهر تبي اللي يعالجك قبل لاتحاول تعالج المرضى

موفق يالغالي

q8philic said...

yes, i'm pissed off from the exam and the problem is this exam was MSQs so there are no place for t2leef :)
our doctors gave us 40 Qs for 40 marks and about 25 of the Qs were beyond the scope of our material.

and about killing somebody if she/he is talking about psychiatry (that will be u) :)
don't worry i'm also find psychiatry interesting especially after the rotation . but after such exam all what i'm thinking off is going home (kuwait).
thanx for being here and good luck in ur exam sister .
بو الوليد
الله يغربلهم العبوا فينا يا بو الوليد تقرى السؤال تفكر انه ممكن يكون كذا او كذا تطالع الاجوبة ماتحصل ولا جواب
الحلو بعد الامتحان الصمت كان سيد الموقف والاحلى قمنا نعزي بعض من القهر
شاكر مرورك يابو الوليد وبالتوفيق بامتحاناتك

Anonymous said...

رغم اني خلصت موادي وخلصت ابحاثي وامتحاناتي بس وانا اقرا بوستك واشوف الصوره حسييييييييييييت فيييييييك من قلب
وكل مااشوف الصوره اتذكر فلم الرعب يلي حاشني باول امتحان خذيته اهني كان الموست راح تحوشني هزه ارضيه !! مو بس سكته قلبيه او جلطه بالمخ لا لالالا
ابييييييييه الله يعينك وبالتوفيج
بابا ان شاءالله تاخذ باس ادعي مالك الا الدعاء وبعدها !!..
هااا رفعت معنوياتك :P??

q8philic said...

يعطيك العافية اخوي والله يكافينا شر السكتة والجلطة والهزة
صج كنت معصب من الامتحان بس اليوم احسن شوي لانه شفت واحد من الربع قطري باجر اخر مقابلة له ويتخرج شفت فرحته وشفت ان شاء الله شنو راح يكون وضعي بعد سنه ويوم من اليوم

شاكر مرورك ورفعك للمعنويات